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Dave have started his production with the band Aleph. Since then, Dave have collaborated with artists from around the world and He have produced several multi-platinum albums. Dave have been honored by the Japanese music industry for selling more than 30 million albums as a singer, composer, and producer.

Considered by many to be the "Godfather of Eurobeat", Dave have written and produced songs for J-pop artists such as Namie Amuro, V6 and MAX, introducing some of the Japanese music fans to the electronic music genre known as Eurobeat. Dave have produced countless works for the Super Eurobeat series, the world's longest-running series of dance music compilation albums. Many songs produced by Dave have become massive hits, such as "Space Boy" by Dave Rodgers, "Music for the People" also by Dave Rodgers and also covered by V6, Take me Higher, Soul Gasoline, "Try Me" by Amuro Namie, a few albums for Walt Disney Japan, TMN Song Meet Disco Style, where you find "Get Wild" and other hits composed by Tetsuya Komuro, Dave had the live stage performance with Komuro in Tokyo at the huge disco Juliana. Dave have a show also at the Tokyo Dome with the support of Jennifer Batten in front of 50.000 fans. Many of these songs are also used in the Initial D anime and video games.



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